What is community organizing?

An examination of the influence wealth disparity plays on education

Training community organizers – Telling your story and finding your purpose

How to do a one on one relational meeting

Pay attention to the people closest to the problem

How to Get Out the Vote

Michael Jacoby Brown’s Book:

Building Powerful Community Organizations


For Anyone Who Wants to Make a Difference

This book is for people who want to change the world and know that they cannot do it alone.

It is a practical, step-by-step guide to starting or strengthening a community organization. It is for those who care about the world around them and know that improving it requires the active involvement of the people closest to the problem. It is for people who know that they need the power, perspective, and sense of community that come from being part of a group.

You might be thinking of starting a new organization. Maybe you’ve never joined a group, but you see a problem brewing in the world around you that just won’t go away. It could be in your neighborhood, at the local school, in your congregation, at your workplace.  [more at Amazon]

Sample Chapter (Chapter 11)