Michael Jacoby Brown


Mike is an extraordinary instructor and facilitator. He is highly skilled at making training or meeting participants feel welcomed and free to speak their mind, while maintaining focus and delivering training content or mediating conflicts and reaching consensus in meetings. He will not “kill you by Power Point” and has an uncanny capacity to recognize valuable avenues of discussion on the fly. He works very closely with institutional leaders to understand the context he’s being brought into and the specifics he expected to deliver.

Túbal Padilla-Galiano, Training Consultant III, Curriculum Manager: Community Engagement, Community and Neighborhood Revitalization, NeighborWorks America, Washington DC

When we meet the ‘other’ face to face, our stances shift (Letter to The Boston Globe)
In response to Keith O’Brien’s article “Do the math? Uh-oh” (Ideas, Oct. 20), we should not be surprised that numbers and rational arguments don’t change the minds of people about contentious political issues. What works to change attitudes is developing face-to-face relationships among people who often don’t meet each other. When a group of conservative […]

Getting the Best from Volunteers
By Michael Jacoby Brown  By following a few time-proven steps, nonprofit leaders can recruit and retain long-term, valuable volunteers – people who will take responsibility for the organization and play an important role in its success. People who want to volunteer with your organization come with a complex and wide range of hopes, talents, and […]

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